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Flowsheet Development

Flowsheet development is crucial to any recovery project because it limits the risks associated with the monumental undertaking of extracting minerals from the earth. At the Peacocke & Simpson laboratories, our metallurgists practice diligence and careful testwork to provide accurate process flowsheets that offer the best options and solutions for our clients. With our flowsheets, our business partners can assess the scope of the work ahead of them before moving on to pilot-plant testing and other costly stages of their project.

Sometimes, though, our team’s steadfastness leads to breakthroughs that not only benefit our clients, but help advance the minerals processing industry as a whole. Such was the case when in 1997 Peacocke & Simpson was able to conceive, test, develop and equip what we believe was the world’s first hybrid gravity concentration/heap leach plant.

Although that advance came about unexpectedly, its discovery was achieved because of the meticulousness with which we approach our routine minerals dressing testwork. During flowsheet development, we have also built a process for autogenous scrubbing and several for continuous enhanced concentration of various minerals that surpass other applications used on ore sources.

Frequently, we have added value for our clients by salvaging minerals lost by other processes, or by enhancing overall process recovery with process additions.

With the Peacocke & Simpson flowsheet, our clients can expect the following:

  • Metallurgical mapping
  • Determination of reagent recipes and addition rates
  • Quantification of residence times
  • Evaluation of processing options
  • Determination of optimal operational parameters
  • Development of new processing technologies, if applicable
  • Evaluation of processing options that are environmentally sustainable and meet legislated requirements in any jurisdiction
  • Determination of optimum particle grind sizes
  • Solutions to generate cost savings and maximize recovery efforts