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Equipment Representation

Peacocke & Simpson is proud to be the official process testing partner for FLSmidth (Knelson Technologies)APT (Appropriate Process Technologies)ConSepRocklabsEriez and FiltaWorx in addition to being able to perform mineral and process testing for numerous other technologies and mineral extraction processes. As the partner of these companies, Peacocke & Simpson is the best choice and most suited to perform mineral testing for any processes which may require the above technologies.

Our solid relationships with these companies, some of which span 25+ years, allows Peacocke & Simpson to assist our clients in all aspects of technology application, from early mineral testing through to equipment specification, installation, commissioning and support services.



Gravity concentration is our forte for good reason. It’s far less expensive, more environmentally friendly and safer than other mineral processes. When applied in conjunction with other processes, the use of gravity concentration almost always results in higher returns. Furthermore, gravity concentration alone often allows for more profitable recovery margins.

With machinery from FLSmidth (Knelson Technologies), the acknowledged world leader in enhanced gravity recovery equipment, we are able to offer the world’s best gold concentrators, whilst also broadening our solutions beyond gravity recoverable gold. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest FLSmidth (Knelson Technologies) products, and Peacocke & Simpson holds multiple R&D patents with our affiliate partner.

The combination of FLSmidth (Knelson Technologies) equipment and Peacocke & Simpson expertise allows our mineral recovery efforts to extend to platinum group elements, base metals, industrial minerals such as chromite, tantalite and wolfram, and even gold- and base-metal sulphides.


Appropriate Process Technologies manufactures and distributes a wide range of mining and mineral processing equipment for the extraction of gold, base and industrial minerals.

APT engineers are continuously establishing new and unique ways of perfecting APT’s range of plants, and developing ways to optimise those already out there. APT is primarily concerned with minimizing start-up costs & plant installation times, as well as lowering energy requirements & environmental impacts.

Plants are created to suit a range of budgets, whilst retaining quality and efficacy. APT provides personal interaction with clients in order to establish the best equipment for each specific case.

As APT’s technology partner, Peacocke & Simpson provides R&D services in addition to utilising a number of novel APT processes and equipment lines in our laboratory.


ConSep provides innovative solids concentration and separation solutions for all mineral processing plants from gold, base metal and coal, to water and wastewater treatment plants.

ConSep’s strong association with FLSmidth (Knelson Technologies) led them to develop the ConSep ACACIA Reactor, a modular intense cyanidation system for treatment of high-grade gravity concentrates, available in capacities from 250kg/day to 32 tpd.

The ACACIA’s simplicity and efficiency helped it to rapidly outstrip previously-available intense cyanidation systems, and ConSep is now the world leader in this field.

Peacocke & Simpson has been instrumental in the installation, commissioning and support of all 27 ACACIA Reactors in Africa.


Rocklabs has been producing top quality mineral sample preparation equipment since 1975. The company has an experienced team of Geochemists, Chemists, Geologists, Engineers, Designers and Specialists in Automation and Robotics. This experience and expertise has given Rocklabs a unique understanding of the requirements and protocols of sample preparation procedures within mining and research laboratories.

The building stones of Rocklabs success are its Boyd double-acting fine jaw crusher and its ring mill pulverisers. These products have been supplied to mining labs in 92 countries, and have formed the foundation for fully automated sample preparation systems, custom-engineered to individual requirements.

Several commercial and mine laboratories in Zimbabwe use Rocklabs sample preparation equipment supplied and supported by Peacocke & Simpson, and of course we use Rocklabs in our own laboratory.


Eriez Magnetics was founded in 1942 and has since been at the forefront of the magnetic separation and conveying industry, pioneering products in both the mining and industrial markets.

As the authority for advanced technologies in magnetic and vibratory applications, Eriez has evolved over the years and spread all over the world. With manufacturing facilities and technical centres on every continent, the company produces the best magnetic separators in the world, as well as a range of the highest quality laboratory equipment (in addition to both light and heavy duty industrial technologies).

Peacocke & Simpson is proud to be able to represent Eriez lab equipment and magnetic separators, in addition to being trusted testwork partners for magnetic separation technologies.


Filtaworx is a comprehensive range of fully automated, self cleaning screen filters. They have a number of useful applications, in multiple industries, and are particularly helpful in African areas that have poor quality water. Filtaworx filters are fantastic at ensuring better quality fluidisation water for FLSmidth Knelson Concentrators, as well as other mineral processors.